æditor documents

Show off, what people have said about this project.
Design Document, what is wrong with this program, how can the data structure be improved, what direction should it go?
Æditor Developer Manual, a work in progress. The following documents may have more interest.
Studies of how certain commands should behave under various combination of conditions. vertical movement, horizontal movement, study of wordwrap Many editors could be more user-friendly.
Ruby Embedded into C++, how to call back'n'forth between C++ and Ruby. How to let SWIG generate the glue code. Plus a skeleton project you can experiment with.
A minimal DocBook setup on Unix, in paticular how to get 'catalog.xml' accelerate DocBook2html compilation.
Fun with FreeBSD, lots of weird setup things, concerning backup, terminals, remote-desktop.
Iterator Documentation, for bidirectional iterators.
random editor ideas, that I think of implementing.

Finding what you are looking fore?

Tell me >> Guestbook<<. Being the author of these documents, I am natualy cuorios hear to what you have of interest in them. Are there certain things you would like to see covered in these articles?

deprecated æditor documents

Initial studies of regexp: repeat and alternation. These observations were made before I began considering backreferences.

Links to External Resources

Links related to designing and implementing text-editors.

UTF-8 and unicode FAQ
Syntax Highlighting
data structures for text sequences
the craft of text editing
Data Structures in the Andrew Text Editor

Links related how to write better code.

unmaintainable code
big ball of mud
programming ruby
what is XP
huston design patterns

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