Mac, Unix or Windows. If x86 compatible then 700MHz or better. If g3 or g4 then maybe 300MHz will suffice.

The programming language [Ruby] must be installed.

Quick Install

AEditor depends on some other packages. The easiest way to get AEditor running is by installing it via [RPA], which first will install the dependencies and afterwards install AEditor.

prompt> rpa update
prompt> rpa install aeditor

This may take some time for installation to complete, so please be patient. Afterwards you should be able to start AEditor.

prompt> rehash
prompt> aeditor

Congrats, AEditor has successfully been installed. Please consider submitting feature requests, sending patches or by other means helping AEditor.

Manual Install

If you really want then you should fetch [aeditor-1.x]. Follow the install procedure found in the README within. It describes how to install fox toolkit, fxruby, iterator and finally AEditor itself.