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The vision for AEditor is to become a programming environment suitable for pair-programming. This goal has not yet been reached. Please consider joining the AEditor team to help accomplish this goal.

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First get yourself a [Rubyforge account]. Second send a mail to the [AEditor Author] and you will be added to this project. Third do a [cvs checkout] and you are now in buisness.

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There is still only little trafic. We talk about AEditor and its subprojects. Its relative easy to subscribe, just click on [Subscribe Here]. Previous conversations can be found [here].

If you have interest in editor development then join this list, so ideas can be shared and great things can be accomplished.

The Secret Plan

The author of this project is analysing how AEditor version 2.x should be like. Here is an overview of his thoughs:

The biggest problem is that the author has little spare time.

Project Story

Many years ago I made a GUI toolkit in pascal which had a line editor. Some time later I made a state machine that could colorize pascal code (long before I knew of regexp).

Years later I wrote a simple text editor with folding in C++ which crashed every now and then. I got obsessed by the silly idea that I badly wanted a text editor capable of folding.

At some point I learned Ruby and the test first paradigm. I wanted to write an editor in C++ and use Ruby as a scripting language. And thus carefully investigated how to do embedding of Ruby. One day I decided to write an editor prototype in Ruby and it turned out to work with acceptable speed. It became AEditor version 0.x, a text editor capable of arbitrary folding.

Over the summer 2004 I wrote AEditor 1.x, which is the current version. Featuring Ruby and C++ syntax coloring, theming and it operates in entirely in GUI mode. It has 445 tests and 1518 assertions. Still im far from satisfied with this version.

In the fall+winter of 2004 I have been analysing on what kind of improvements I must make. Just before christmas I began making experiments with these new ideas I have developed. Hopefully in the beginning of 2005 I can do an early release.

Even small editors requires some programming.

Further Info

If you still are reading then have a look at the [old homepage] or feel free to [contact me]. Thanks for your attention.